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Our Working Capital Finance solutions are used by corporate clients to fund their company’s investment in short-term assets such as accounts receivable, and to optimise their cash flow so that they can finance their day-to-day operations.

Our Working Capital Finance solutions integrate directly into bespoke IT platforms and ERP systems. It allows financial institutions and their corporate clients to drive digitalisation, increase efficiencies and automate processes in trade, treasury, supply chain and risk mitigation.

Working Capital Finance

All transactions and steps are stored on a digital ledger and processed on the Marco Polo Platform.

Bi-directional integration between the supplier’s ERP(s) and their Marco Polo Platform.

Directly integrate with the supplier’s bank for payments and other bank-supported services.

Get real-time visibility and accurate data to achieve better risk understanding and potentially reduce financing costs.

The Marco Polo technology provides a trusted private, secure, and permissioned lens for banks supporting working capital finance.

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At Crédit Agricole CIB, we’re committed to offering our customers optimum trade and working capital finance solutions. Thus, we’re very pleased about this great opportunity with Marco Polo. It is an innovative network that brings together corporates, financial institutions, supply chain stakeholders and software providers, to build the future of international trade and transaction banking.

Laurent Chenain

Managing Director,
Global Head of International Trade
& Transaction Banking

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