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We connect data silos and isolated trade systems to create a vibrant ecosystem of effective trade opportunities. Instead of using one, central destination application, we give access to the first-ever distributed ledger-based platform, run by every single user, to connect seamlessly to the entire Marco Polo Network.

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Reduced risk

Reduce your risks through improved visibility and secure access to trade data


Smarter trade

Get access to new, innovative trade finance solutions, automation, and better client experiences


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Open APIs and blockchain technology power a more connected trade finance infrastructure


Integrate seamlessly

One integration point connects you seamlessly with businesses on the Network, reduces the cost of connection, and eliminates one of the biggest barriers to entry

Solutions for all


Game-changing alternative to improve risk management and optimise working capital

Financial Institutions

Trade finance and working capital solutions your customers need

Technology & Service Providers

Extended trade ecosystem (including insurers, logistics providers and B2B networks) allows you to connect with financial institutions & corporates on the Network

Financial Institutions




Technology Partners


At Crédit Agricole CIB, we’re committed to offering our customers optimum trade and working capital finance solutions. Thus, we’re very pleased about this great opportunity with Marco Polo. It is an innovative network that brings together corporates, financial institutions, supply chain stakeholders and software providers, to build the future of international trade and transaction banking.

Laurent ChenainManaging Director,
Global Head of International Trade
& Transaction Banking


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