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Driving innovation

The Marco Polo Network is the largest and fastest-growing trade and working capital finance network leveraging blockchain technology in the world.

The cutting edge

We provide an open enterprise software platform for trade, payments, and working capital finance solutions to banks, corporates, tech companies, and many others.

When you join our distributed, blockchain-powered Network, seamless, secure, and fast exchange of data assets and dramatically improved customer experiences will be the norm.

Our Network is the cutting edge of trade finance and working capital procedures.

Financial Institutions

Trade finance and working capital solutions your customers need


Game-changing alternative to improve risk management and optimise working capital

Technology & Service Providers

Extended trade ecosystem including insurers, logistics providers, and B2B Networks allows you to connect with banks and corporate clients on the Network

Why Marco Polo Network?


Speed of growth

Blockchain tech allows unparalleled speed when tapping into a vast member base


Modular structure

Access a range of leading trade and working capital finance solutions all in one place


Secure and transparent

Use a single, secure, structured, verified data source across internal and external systems


Distributed platform

Distributed model allows for singular integration to connect to the entire Network

Digital Standards Initiative (DSI)

A suite of open technology standards enabling seamless interoperability between digital trade systems, applications, and networks

Discover DSI

A platform for change

The Marco Polo Platform is an open and distributed enterprise software platform that enables banks and corporates to streamline and automate their global trade and working capital finance activities more effectively

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