TradeIX is now Marco Polo Network. This brand evolution reflects our journey towards leadership in digital global trade.

While taking important steps towards global expansion, our commitment to our customers and partners remains our highest priority.

Thank you and we hope you enjoy our new look!

The engine behind the network

The Marco Polo Platform is an open enterprise platform that enables financial institutions and corporates to streamline, secure and automate their global trade and working capital finance activities.

The platforms run on a distributed network with each user's platform configured, deployed and run separately, all connected via distributed ledger technology to the other members of the Marco Polo Network.



Access one, some, or all of the solutions available on the Network


Workflow engine

Configure, automate, and scale many trade and supply chain finance programs


APIs and developer tools

Provide simple and secure connectivity to 3rd parties and back-office systems


Blockchain technology

Corda distributed ledger technology digitizes, secures, and streamlines multi-party trade transactions

Multiple options for multiple parties

Financial Institutions

Trade finance and working capital solutions for your customers


Game-changing alternative to improve risk management and optimise working capital

Technology & Service Providers

Connect with an extended ecosystem including insurers, logistics providers and B2B Networks

The difference of the Marco Polo Platform

The ‘destination’ network model used by legacy providers places a hard limit on its ability to achieve mass adoption on a global scale. nnThe ‘distributed’ network model utilised by Marco Polo Network eliminates these technical and business model limitations, enabling it to meet all essential requirements simultaneously. nnThe approach allows for the mass adoption required for global scalability in a manner never before possible.

The legacy “destination” platform and network model has technical and business limitations such as:

  • Users visit a single, central, branded destination to transact
  • Requires bespoke integration for each new connection
  • Vendor owns and controls all data
  • Major data custody and data privacy issues
  • A single network operator equals a single point of failure
  • Cannot be customised for each user
  • Limited deployment options
  • Users cannot build their own solutions or integrations

The “distributed” platform model eliminates these technical and business model limitations while bringing the following benefits:

  • Platform is distributed and run by each user
  • A single integration to connect to the entire Network
  • Network developed collaboratively with members
  • Allows each user to control and manage its own data
  • Achieve meaningful differentiation between other users

Fully integrated into your ERP

The Marco Polo Platform is fully integrated into your ERP allowing you to get access to multiple trade and working capital finance solutions directly from within your ERP system.

As a result, you can reduce administrative costs and risks, easily integrate with your financing partners and make use of a broader range of funding opportunities.

We are working with different ERP providers such as Oracle, SAP and Microsoft and have received the Suitecloud Innovation Award by Oracle NetSuite.

Existing trade finance infrastructure is in serious need of an upgrade, and the Marco Polo Network is a big step towards the adoption of reliable, efficient and standardised processes for the entire sector.

David RutterFounder and CEO


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