With 90%* of global trade estimated to be carried via sea, the shipping industry forms one of the main foundations of the world’s economy today.

Despite the critical role shipping plays, the technology and funding structures to support the settlement of shipping services, such as port services and canal transits, is in need of an overhaul.


Remove Pre-Funding, Save Time & Mitigate Risk

As the first of its kind innovation for the maritime industry, Marco Polo Network addresses the industry’s unique challenges including:

  • Requirement to provide advance payments for canal transits and port call operations, which results in a negative impact on working capital
  • Lack of financing alternatives available to meet the current prefunding or cash advance requirements
  • Time-consuming and labour-intensive processes required for ship operators / agencies to 
  • Ensure prepayments are executed in time for the ship arriving or prior to leaving the port
  • Initiate two payments, prefunding and the final settlement once the Final Disbursement Account (FDA) is presented and approved

Value Unlocked

Marco Polo Network's Maritime Solution

  • Purpose built for ship operators and agencies
  • A fully digitised and automated process for the booking, settlement, reconciliation and guaranteeing of port and canal services payments
  • Mitigates operational risk and improves efficiencies 
  • Integrates seamlessly with all parties’ systems resulting in greater transparency and security while maintaining data privacy and immutability
  • Works with over 1,200 ports including the Panama and Suez Canal