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Marco Polo Network allows financial institutions to dramatically cut integration and operational costs, eliminating operational friction, and reducing fraud and compliance risk.

Just as importantly, by joining the Network you’ll open new revenue streams with opportunities to scale, never compromising on superior customer experiences.

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Grow your trade finance business

Connect easily to new sources and build secure data pipelines to financeable assets, while increasing the profitability of your business


Integrate and exchange

Integrate your internal legacy systems with your corporate clients by leveraging a full range of omni-compatible APIs


Collaborate with the trade ecosystem

Collaborate with and connect to other trusted parties, while customising your offering and providing the required levels of privacy


Digitised and via blockchain

Digitise processes to improve efficiencies, cut costs and reduce risks. Get seamless interoperability with other networks via the Corda blockchain

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Deploy the best trade technology

Marco Polo Network uses the latest award-winning technology powering the future of trade and working capital finance. Our technology is what we’re known for. As a member of the Network, you’ll enjoy total access to it.

You’ll only need one integration point to connect and transact with all your trade partners in a secure and automated way via open APIs and blockchain technology.

Marco Polo Network provides access to a wide array of trade finance solutions via a distributed platform, which is easy to connect to and allows you to customise your own solutions.

Solutions for you to
Trade, Pay and Grow

With trade finance, we are tapping into a new area of application for distributed ledger technology from which our clients will derive extraordinary benefits. It will make transactions faster, easier and more secure. Not only are we breaking new ground in terms of technology, but also in the cooperation between banks and businesses.

Dr Christian RickenMember of the Board of Managing Directors at Landesbank Baden-Württemberg (LBBW)


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